Thursday, August 20, 2009

pretty please?

When you're getting ready to go out, you've completed your outfit, done your hair and makeup, painted your nails and picked out your favorite heels.. do you ever feel like you need just one more finishing touch? Choosing a lipstick color is don't want to be too bold..but you don't want to go nude either. You also want a color that could go with all your outfits. If you haven't seen it before Pretty Please lipstick made by MAC is my favorite lipstick. It is a very delicate, feminine pearl pink color. It's also hydrating for the lips with it's smooth texture and moderate shine. It also contains Vitamin E and Vitamin C, and if that wasn't good enough Vanilla is added for aroma and flavor! It's absolutely divine! And happens to have such an adorable name! I love it most because it's soft and almost natural looking. So try it out...pretty please?

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